What is a Chinese Jin?

In mainland China, a Jin jīn is 500 grams, or half a kilogram (1.1lbs) of weight. A jīn is also known as a shìjīn, or “market jin”, where shì means “market”.

Note that a gōngjīn or “common jin” is 1 kilogram (2.2lbs), where gōng means “common”.

It is worth noting that Jin is used in other parts of Asia, with different weights:

Country Weight of 1 jīn
Japan 600 grams
Korea 600 grams
Taiwan 600 grams
Thailand 600 grams
Vietnam 604.5 grams
Hong Kong 604.8 grams
Malaysia 604.8 grams
Singapore 604.8 grams

0.6 kg
Vietnam 0.6045 kg
Hong Kong 0.60478982 kg
Malaysia 0.60479 kg
0.6048 kg